Commercial Control Services Inc.


Why Go Green
Efficient Buildings are Comfortable Buildings
Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Your Building           

Proven Integrators with Proven Solutions

 At CCS we draw on our teams' decades of Building Automation System experience to work with you in conceiving of, implementing and operating efficient building systems.

 We understand what it takes to meet the challenges of reducing costs and increasing the environmental performance of your building.

Versatile Industry Professionals

What systems can we integrate?

 We have extensive experience with all major brands and lines: Johnson Controls, Honeywell ,Tridium, Niagara, Reliable and Distech Controls. Each company has a proven track record of manufacturing green products for a wide range of commercial building needs. We have the experience and skills to leverage whatever you have installed currently, and to integrate the best available prodicts to accomplish your efficiency goals.

Your Partners in Efficiency

 We work with property owners, architects, managers and mechanical contractors to build energy efficient buildings. 

 Whatever your role, we have experience in understanding and meeting your specific goals and constraints  to manage your building as efficiently as possible.