Commercial Control Services Inc.


Commercial Control Services, Inc. Our difference:

  Our philosophy is to provide the best available products, without marketing or licensing restrictions, to allow our customers to receive the highest value available for the building technology spend. We then follow by providing the highest value available ongoing support and service in order to earn and retain your business. We want to be your trusted partner with regard to your smart building technology systems before during and after installation. We want our customers to do business with us because they want to, not because they have to.

 We only install NON-PROPRIETARY systems with OPEN LICENSES. This allows our customers to choose to continue working with us or to choose to work with a competitor. We want customer loyalty because of our superior quality and service, not because of proprietary or licensing snares.

Proper temperature, lighting and ventillation control means comfortable and productive employees occupants and efficent buildings.

At CCS our primary goal is the smooth opporation of your building's various systems. Our BAS controls department is recognized as the guys who can make it work, be it Honeywell, Johnson, Tridium, Distech; BacNet, Rombus, C-bus, or LON our team has the experience to tackle the ghosts in your BAS.

We also offer new construction assistance and daily work with Building Managers, Mechanical Contractors and Design Firms.


What is your challenge?

Your Automation System can fit your specific needs!

New Construction, Expansion, Retrofitting, Replacement

We have proven solutions for your BAS goals!

You provide the Goal : We provide the resources, technology and experience! 

If you are a building systems professional and need information on one of our systems, please contact us here:

(614) 424-9804 ext. 101